Distinction Gardens - Terms and Conditions

Distinction Gardens Ltd is committed to providing the best possible garden maintenance experience for our customers however please note the following points.


We endeavour to attend the grounds on set days however due to unforeseen circumstances cannot guarantee a specific visit time. If there are times that we must not visit, please inform us so we can ensure our staff have vacated the site.


Services to be carried out twice monthly between the months of March to November inclusive and then monthly between the months December to February. These include grass cutting, pruning, weeding (both hand and chemical), hedge cutting & general plant care.


If access through or from a neighbouring property is required to carry out specific tasks, permission must be sought from the property owner or tenant before commencement of work.


Our staff cannot engage in any work that requires them to climb higher than 5 metres. Any high work will need to be assessed and priced.


Very poor weather conditions may sometimes result in delayed visits.


Distinction Gardens sometimes uses images or customers names to promote business on the internet or other mediums. If you object to this then please let us know.


Loud machinery is sometimes used to carry out maintenance work. Please inform us in advance if there is a time when this will cause you problems. These machines can also create dust and smoke. Please keep your windows shut whilst maintenance work is been carried out.


Sometime our operatives will be using controlled chemicals to kill weeds or promote growth. These are generally considered non toxic but should you be concerned or request more information then speak to your operative or contact our office so we can provide you with details.



Our operatives and management team are trained to assess and plan the work to provide long-term effectiveness and a quality job. Sometimes gardens that have been neglected will require a number of visits to bring them to a high standard of care.


Waste to be left onsite for disposal.

No waste or rubbish other than the material produced as a result of our work can be removed unless agreed.


Any issues during the course of the program concerning the standard of work or the staff must be quickly brought to our attention so we can rectify them.


Depending on site location and other circumstances sometimes a small amount of time for travelling to the site will be included in the time on site. This will usually be less than the actual time spent travelling.


A regular maintenance program will be agreed for the year by virtue of email or text and will commence from the date the confirmation email is received. If the customer ends the contract early then 50% of the cost of the remaining visits of that year will be due.


At least 72 hours notice must be given for any cancellation to avoid full charge of the visit.


If you have any questions regarding these terms please do not hesitate to discuss it with us.


We appreciate your valued business and look forward to providing you with a quality, professional service.


Invoices must be settled on receipt to avoid late payment charges. If we do not receive a payment within 7 days of receipt of our invoice, charges may occur.