Domestic Landscaping

Garden Services based in Newport, Gwent

In just one visit, Distinction Gardens of Newport, Gwent, transforms a plain garden into a beautiful oasis that you will hardly recognise from the original. Our professional landscape services are very flexible, and we can come out to work on your property as frequently as you desire.

We specialise in regular maintenance work.

Giving Your Garden a Whole New Look

It is important to have a consultation to discuss exactly the style and effect you want the finished job to produce before we begin transforming your garden.

We provide professional advice as to where certain shrubs should be planted and what types of plants are most appropriate for each season.

Most of our work involves soft landscaping, such as shrubs and timber; however, we can also offer hard landscaping, including walls and patios.

All of our planting is customised to suit the layout of each property, and the personal taste of each customer. 

Fencing, Decking & Greenhouses

Select from a wide range of fencing to give your garden a more complete look. We supply and install all types of fencing, but timber is generally the most popular.

Our company are also authorised installers of Elite Greenhouses. These top greenhouses are made with quality glass and an aluminium frame, and are available for purchase. We can even lay the concrete base for your new greenhouse. 

Grass and Turf

We can supply and lay quality turf plus the relevant top soils and fertilizers. 

We can also provide an annual lawn care programme that will transform it into a lush and weed free lawn.

Our team gets your lawn looking vibrant again, and we take care of any excess dirt and waste that is leftover from laying your new turf.

Garden Mole Control 

Are you tired of unsightly molehills?  Fed up of moles ruining your lawn? Then contact us today and we will help you.  

The nature of the mole

They dig out a system of tunnels and chambers and dispose of the excavated soil by throwing up molehills on the surface.  Moles don't feed on plants, they are carnivorous feeding on invertebrates that fall into their system of tunnels.  Any plant damage they cause is incidental to their lifestyle.

How we can help you 

Since the removal of strychnine from the UK market, there has been a revival of traditional mole-catching in the UK.  We use traditional mole traps and usually charge a 'per-mole fee' - ‘No mole no fee’.  The price charged reflects the fact that there is no longer a market for moleskins.”

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