Commercial Landscaping

Commercial Landscaping based in Newport, Gwent

At Distinction Gardens in Newport, Gwent, we provide landscape services for hotels, new builds, rentals, and other commercial properties. Our professionals will give your company a garden you can be proud to show off to your customers and clients.

We also offer regular maintenance work in addition to commercial landscaping. General groundwork is available on an ''on-and-off'' basis, or through a monthly contract.  

Improving your image can be key to making a good first impression. Ensure your property's image is maintained to the highest standards. Distinction Gardens will enhance the entire appearance of your garden with new plants and general upkeep.

This is not a simple quick-fix service. The first step involves holding a consultation with you to discuss the different images and ideas we can incorporate to help generate more business.

Parasols and planters can be used to great effect, because they give shelter to customers and make outdoor dining more attractive! Distinction Gardens will create a pleasant, friendly environment for your business's external surroundings.